Why the Blues?
Blues, due to its powerful universal appeal and seemingly unstoppable force, is an ideal vehicle to take us closer to knowing our inner musical self. It seems to speak to most people, and if you are reading this, it speaks to you. Music, and the way that music “speaks” to us is most easily understood through the music that strikes a chord within us. Blues from a technical and academic perspective is easily accessible. Playing the Blues in a way that will make a listener feel the angst, the exuberance, the longing, sadness or sensuality is a whole other story. This is the zone where we are focused.

In the true spirit of the Blues, we are not about hot-dogging or pyrotechnics. Fun, playfulness, mischief making, are all encouraged! Please bring your spirit, but leave your ego at the door. The original Blues men had no expectations of rock stardom.  They were making music as a means of expressing joy and hope in their community in the face of extreme repression and hardship. We keep the process fun and we do expect you to find some “instant” gratification. Our deeper goal is to set you down the road to long-term musical fulfillment. Our mission is to provide a portal through which you will deepening your connection with the experience of making music. Blues is the chosen medium.

Blues, in its original form was generated by a particular culture at a particular place and time. You will be present in the same location and certainly feel its spirit. We encourage learning the vocabulary of the masters who have gone before us by learning to play their bread and butter riffs, rhythms and turnarounds, not simply to reiterate, but to learn to be creative in the same spirit… your own spirit. To keep the art form fresh and to carry it forward.